“…and until this day Selling continue to be an orphan in business academe.” – Philip Delves, author of the bestseller “What They Teach You at Harvard Business School”
Today, we  strive to deliver value education in sales to guide our customer to sales success!

The Challenges with Today’s Event-based Trainings

Lost Knowledge

Studies indicate that 50% of learning content is lost within 8 weeks and 80% within 90 days without measurable program, ongoing learning, and reinforcement sessions

Low Satisfaction

Corporates in our region spend 1-1.5 million dollars on sales trainings despite the low benefits, as more than 70% indicated not satisfied with the outcome of short-workshops

Companies Infinite Loop

Due to no other option more than 80% of companies are trapped in an infinite loop and still sending their teams to the traditional sales trainings

Difficulty of Hiring

70% of recruiters base their hiring evaluation on intuition and candidate experience simply because sales degree is missing from the education curriculum worldwide

Our Keys To Bridge The Gap


Ability to follow a measurable education path, pass evaluation milestones, and finally be able to succeed in assessment and earn the Sales Professional Accredited Certification. Using a digital platform to apply, follow-up, and interact, while HR and Sales managers can also follow on progress.


Unlike traditional sales trainings, this program addresses the paradigm shift of client behavior integrating innovative sales practices. The Curriculum is developed based on intensive research and best practices directed by solid sales experience which awarded it an international accreditation from ISM.


Gain access 24/7 to a full digital resource library containing the world’s most respected sales books, case studies, and publications. In addition to sales community membership to integrate, network, invest in career development, gain shareable experiences and public relations.


No successful developing can be built solely on lectures. This program follows a hands-on approach for mastering selling while creating a self-learning habit. Getting the knowledge, methods to apply it, developing skills, retaining new sales habits to become a second nature in person character.

Your Benefits From Our Program

17 Live Sessions
27 self-study hours
4 Month Span

Presence Required Only
Every Friday Afternoon
For 2 to 4 hrs each session

24/7 Access to an LMS
for required materials & exercices
To measure performance

Exam and Evaluation to earn the Accredited Sales Professional Certification

  • Length

    17 Live Sessions 27 self-study hours 4 Month Span

  • Attendance

    Presence Required Every Friday Afternoon For 4 hours a session

  • Digital Platform

    Online platform to measure progress and supervisor monitoring

  • Rich Curriculum

    e-reading, e-watching, Lectures, workshops, and on-ground application

  • Certification

    Evaluation to earn the Accredited Sales Professional Certification

Before any learning, it’s important to have the right mindset, motive and drive for achieving sales success

The Addressed Modules

Science into Sales

Learn how to formulate your sales activities within a proven framework in order to better allocate your sales efforts

Understanding The Buyer

Buyers love to Buy, but hate to be sold, anything! Change our sales habits to understand how customers have evolved

Psychology of Sales

Cognitive programming and dissonance, the body & voice interpretations, understanding and control

Powerful Rapport

74% of closing the deal is due to TRUST, learn how to build a genuine relationship for a higher success rate

Questionning Skills

We have been raised throughout our life to answer and present what we know, but in sales it should be the complete opposite

Client-Centric Sales Process

Learn to build the discipline in following what Successful Salespeople have as a systematic approach

Innovative Closing

As much as people hate to be sold, we still have to ask for the deal. Learn how to do that in an innovative way

Digital Selling

Effectively use your appropriate digital means to prospect, brand yourself and better sell i.e. LinkedIn, effective emails, etc

Elective Courses


How to embrace CRM to your benefit and other technology applications that will facilitate the game of selling

Key Account Management

The principal of Key Account Management and its requirements to maintain long term relationship with clients

Cold Calling

Innovative Techniques of finding, reaching, and retaining the appropriate person and handling all objections possible

  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds

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The Next Program Batch Starts February 2018

The Experts Behind it

SSI is empowered by HEED which has built an enviable reputation and profound practical experience in Sales Management Consulting, Sales Training and Coaching, and Sales Challenges Resolution while integrating Science into Selling for a number of customers in the region increasing their total revenues up to 20%.

SSI is accredited by the Institute of Sales Management of London, the #1 ranked Sales Professional Body committed to developing sales talent via its Professional Sales Certification Framework of Excellence while being recognized by OFQUAL: the Government department which regulates qualifications, and assessments.

Trained Salesperson
New Sales Course
Engaged Organization
0 %
Satisfied Customer
    $1550/ candidate
    • Mandatory Courses
    • Platform Access
    • 12 Sessions
    • Membership Access to the Elite Sales Community
    • ISM Full Sales Library
  • ADD-ON
    $350/ candidate
    • Elective Courses
    • Platform Access
    • 3 Sessions
    • Membership Access to the Elite Sales Community
    • ISM Full Sales Library
    $300/ candidate
    • Evaluation/Exam
    • Platform Access
    • Accredited Certificate from ISM of London
    • Membership Access to the Elite Sales Community
    • ISM Full Sales Library

Our Trusted Clients

Save your Seat in our Upcoming Batch


  • A Detailed view on modern sales techniques and the skills needed. The course is very focused on practical skills rather than theory.

    Abed el Karim Saade
    Abed el Karim Saade Serial Entrepreneur and Business Growth Specialist
  • I have fallen in love with sales. This training is a turning point in my professional career

    Reem Kassem
    Reem Kassem Head of Customer Service Head of Customer Service @GWR Consulting
  • I am really glad i attended this course. Mazen Farah is the real deal! The content was very useful, covering all the aspects of today's Sales Management process and techniques. Mazen knew how to deliver the material with professionalism, motivational real life examples and continuous interaction. Thank you!

    Pietro Zamrini
    Pietro Zamrini Corporate Sales Manager @ MindIT
  • Not only have we contributed to our organization substantial increase in its sales figures but we have personally gained new sales confidence, tips & tricks and mindset for life. A training with Mr. Farah was full of energy, real case studies without conceptual theories and western style sales concepts.

    Renee Saleh
    Renee Saleh Senior Sales Consultant @ BrokersXP
  • The training was motivational, informative, and professional.

     Karam Karam
    Karam Karam Unit Manager @Victoire Insurance
  • I truly enjoyed the training you provided with valuable information, materials and realistic examples. The instructor was very professional through his effective knowledge, his experience, his proficient method of learning and also his sense of humor. Big thanks for MAZEN FARAH & for all the team, for all efforts everything was perfect, beneficial, worthy, serviceable and inestimable.

    Marwa Knaifaty
    Marwa Knaifaty Administrative Assistant @MindIT
  • A new level of Sales Training that we lack in this region. Mazen has referred to tens of his personal experiences and sales analysis which have really opened our eyes to new ways of selling, negotiating, and closing.

    Mayssam Al Kader
    Mayssam Al Kader Senior Property Consultant @ Brokers XP
  • This seminar was incredibly informative; very engaging and supportive environment. The instructor was prepared, knowledgeable and captured the audience. Interactive seminar made it great to understand concepts better. Mazen did a fantastic job of keeping me engaged in the seminar while going over a tremendous amount of information.

     Zeina Mneimneh
    Zeina Mneimneh Head of Marketing @MindIT

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